• Daniya Shumilkina

    Daniya Shumilkina

  • Komail Hashmani

    Komail Hashmani

    Founder @footsapp Strava for football looking to bring the best of the professional and gaming world to 265 million global community that plays football

  • bellec viktor

    bellec viktor

  • Ksenia Golubeva

    Ksenia Golubeva

  • Alexander Borodich

    Alexander Borodich

    Universa Blockchain Founder and CEO, Business angel, accredited investor, serial entrepreneur, addicted to travel and decentralized tokenized economy

  • Smart People

    Smart People

  • Ken Cheney

    Ken Cheney

    An entrepreneur and a dad. He / him.

  • Matthew Greenfield

    Matthew Greenfield

    Co-founder of Rethink Education (http://t.co/X9ruU9A0KW), a venture capital fund focused on technology for learning. Former literary critic. Willing to learn.

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